Warrior training program

The Warrior Training Program is an achievement based fitness program designed to teach youth gym fitness.  Warrior Training Sessions are hour long workouts combining cardio, core, balance and muscle endurance exercises that change daily. Our Warrior Program is perfect for ages 10 & up while our Warrior Junior Program is for elementary & special needs kids.  While participating in the program, the kids keep track of their workouts and progression in their Warrior Achievement Books and earn Medals to add to their Warrior Cuff as they progress in the program.   

Program Levels

Silver Warriors

K-Fix Studios focuses on the fundamentals of fitness in the Silver Warrior Program.  The kids work on being able to complete a full workout, listening and following directions of the trainer, having proper form on the 7 fundamental exercises and putting in the necessary time to achieve their fitness goals.

Lime Warriors

After successfully learning the basics in our Silver Warrior Program, trainees are able to perfect advanced level movements, learn how to gain strength, include family and stay consistent with their workouts in our Lime Level.

Purple Warriors

If you have made it through both the Silver and Lime Levels and feel you can perfect the program, we challenge you to complete the purple level where we will teach you how to gain cardiovascular endurance, give all workouts 100% effort, demonstrate exercises to others and have the ability to pass along what you've learned.

Mentor Program

K-Fix Studios Mentor Program gives those who have mastered our Training Program the opportunity to pass what they have learned on to others.  Mentors are required to assist at the studio a minimum of 3 hours per week in exchange for a FREE training membership.  Those who have successfully assisted under the trainer will receive first priority for any employment positions available when the opportunities arise.

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